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How to Unfriend Facebook Friends in Bulk/Mass

Facebook is the biggest social networking platform and you make it more by creating your heavy profile friends list. Usually in a day a person normally adds 3 to 4 friends a day and this list simply goes on well there is obviously a limit of adding 5000 friends in a profile so you cannot exceed that limit but sometimes you need someone to be added than others and removing friends in Facebook is a pretty hard deal so we found an interesting userscript which can do this job like that. FacebookDeletes is the userscript for chrome and Firefox ( well for Firefox you will need Greasemonkey installed ) which does this job really easily, just installing it and giving it a command for deleting your whole bunch of friends list.


Now you can just click on Highlight Only which will automatically mark your friends on that page and than you can click on Delete all Except selected and than your friends will start deleting. They also have a option to delete your friends just from the groups you have created well you can figure everything when you will have that script installed.
So after you will install this userscript you just need to visit the Facebook Friends Page where you will see all your friends just click that downwards arrow like above and you will see that page like above in the image.


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