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Many of my friends were like "Dude u on whatsapp?".

I got that question from many of my friends. So finally decided to download "whatsapp".
Even u guys should try it out, if u haven't tried it yet!
So i have been using this app from past 3 days, and i got value idea about how it works and how it authenticates You as You.

If you people would have observed -

1. You can read all the messages Offline o.O
2. You can access all d profile pictures offline.

But Whatsapp encrypts all d DATA. But guys "hold on". Obviously it can be decrypted or any other way to access all d messages..

"" There's always a way "" :D

Here what 'm going to talk about is not just getting there messages which can be accessed offline.
'll add that with video or screenshot in my next post :p

The method which i thought about when i was writing my "exams in coll 2day" is interesting..
And YA while writing exam.. Lol :D Cant help it ...
That's ME :p

Enough of Stories and background on whatsapp and Myself :p

Lets Get into Tech stuff

Its theoretical because i haven't tried it.
I'll try it and post with video or screenshots s00n :-)

Ohk guys, lets get busy

So if you people have observed you can not have your whatsapp account logged in in two devices. Means session is given to only 1 mac address. If the MAC [ Media Access Control ] address of the device requesting access changes then whatsapp asks you to re-verify your account! 

And common, "whatsapp people" you think Mac address cant be spoofed. But yeah Nice try whatsapp developer's :p

So here d point you will have to get access to the phone to get the victims phone "MAC address + the verifying massage" which is received to verify your device.

Simple you code a app to get the user's MAC address and checking the message from whats app in the victims inbox. Very easy in case of android devices.

As soon the message s received Push the "MAC address" + "Verifying code" to your server or mail it your ID. That depends on your convince.

That's it guys.

Spoof your phone's MAC address to your Victims address and install whatsapp and type the "verify code".

And done guys. You get complete access to the victims whatsapp ID..
where as you can keep spying/watching your victims movements :D
i.e 2 people - U + ur victim are using the same ID from different devices.

But its very LAME to spy on other people's private messages. So try not to.

This article is just an theoretical approach and only for understanding and knowledge purpose.
And 'm not responsible for any thing you do after reading this post :D :p

I have no clue up-to which extent the approach will work.

Any ways Thanks for reading this post.
Hope you people enjoyed it..


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Author: Anonymous


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