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Last months there have been rumors that Whatsapp for Android would become for payment. But, there are some rumors talking about alternatives to avoid paying for the annual subscription.
Whatsapp is sure actually the most popular instant messaging for smartphones. Normally we can find any smartphone user with this app installed. The strategy of the company has been to give Android users a free messaging app. In part this has been possible because the company behind the project has offered the service in test mode for over a year. However, the fact that many users, especially with Android, did not realize that a subscription is required is that the company has expanded gradually and individually this trial period until a few months ago.
Transition period paid subscription free
From that moment echoed some users that the application requesting them “renew” your subscription, something that has been confirmed officially Barely a few days. However, the short time that has served to detect some methods to continue enjoying free Whatsapp services.
Methods to make it:
* Let the trial period expire Whatsapp.
Thus, the company is forced to extend again the trial period (at least it seems there are Android users enjoying this option). It seems Whatsapp is preventing users to migrate out to other alternatives such as Spotbros, Line,… Therefore, once the servers detect the inactivity of a number associated with an account of Whatsapp expired, they proceed to restore the free trial period.
* Associate our phone number to Whatsapp application for iPhone
The most reliable method is to associate our phone number to Whatsapp application for iPhone (maybe not the best option but there is one of them). Thus, the account will enjoy the conditions of terminals arranged for Apple, which mainly goes through a lifetime subscription payment for the application. Later, after entering the SIM in another terminal, in this case an Android smartphone, the conditions remain unchanged to our phone number. This method requires access to an iPhone, which may involve more disorder than the annual payment itself Whatsapp service. Still, it is interesting for those who can do this. To understand why this method should indicate that Whatsapp was created initially for iPhone and service conditions specified that payment for the application involved the use of instant messaging network free for life.
However, I’m going to be honest. In my opinion there is no problem to pay less than one or two dollars to keep running correctly an Android app very useful for me.
Now it’s your choice.


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