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WhatsApp 10 Year Subscription for BlackBerry, Android and Etc
If you have a BlackBerry and WhatsApp, you noticed that WhatsApp only gives you a year worth of service for free, while if you have the Android version or iPhone version, you just pay a one time fee and it’s yours. Unless if you get lucky and got it for free for a limited time for the holiday. However, the competition is fierce these days, especially when ChatOn by Samsung will be available for the BlackBerry. What if Samsung gives ChatOn for free for BlackBerry users? I’ll show you how to get 10 years worth of subscription on your BlackBerry for WhatsApp by using the same number you registered before.
So how do you Whatsapp 10 year worth of subscription? What it requires and why it works? You need the latest WhatsApp version for your BlackBerry by going to This is actually a bug, maybe a temporary bug from WhatsApp server, but I’ve tried this within a week and I got the same positive result. For now, I’ve tested on a few BlackBerry, Bold 9100, Torch 9800 and Pearl 9105. I will soon test it on Dakota and Bellagio. What it require is that you might need an assistance from one of your family member or friend who has either an iPhone or Android phone. Kindle Fire will not work with WhatsApp.

Requirements before Step 1: Latest WhatsApp on your BlackBerry. Borrow an iPhone or Android with WhatsApp installed

Step 1. How is this going to work is that you use the iPhone or Android to register your existing BlackBerry phone number onto the iPhone or Android. Register your BlackBerry number on to the iPhone or Android.
Step 2. On your BlackBerry, you will receive an sms code to register WhatsApp on the iPhone or Android. You use that code to verify WhatsApp on the iPhone or Android. Don’t worry, this is just for temporary.
Step 3. Now Open WhatsApp on your BlackBerry by clicking on the BlackBerry icon button and select Settings. Click on the BlackBerry icon button again while in Settings and click on Change Phone Number. Enter in your BlackBerry phone number and let it do it’s verification. After verification is done, click on the BlackBerry button and go to Account Info and Expiration year will be 2022.

That’s pretty much it, so all you have done is spoofed WhatsApp with another phone such as Android or iPhone and then re-register your BlackBerry number on the BlackBerry to get or extend WhatsApp subscription to 10 years for free. WhatsApp gives 10 years to new users for Android user and a lifetime for iPhone users. Previous users for BlackBerry and Android only get a year of trial, unless if you are a new user to WhatsApp, then you will automatically get up to 2021, if you register the latest August of 2011.

This only works only on the BlackBerry since it has service expiration date, and it might work on other devices that has expiration date for WhatsApp.

If verification fails after 9 times, it will time out. This is only in resulting if your WhatsApp is not the latest version for your BlackBerry. You should delete the WhatsApp on your BlackBerry and download the latest from

1. Register your BlackBerry number onto the WhatsApp on the iPhone or Android
2. Enter the 3 Digit SMS Code that is sent to your BlackBerry and enter it in on WhatsApp for iPhone or Android
3. Re-Register your BlackBerry number in WhatsApp on your BlackBerry and from there you should get 10 years.

Update: For those who wants to trick Whatsapp with an Android Device, you would have to delete Whatsapp app on your Android device and re-install it with the BlackBerry number. All your Chat History will be gone. It’s more tedious with an Android Phone. With the iPhone, chat history will not be deleted and there is no need to uninstall Whatsapp to change number.
Tested and so far works on: Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone.
Anybody can do this for you remotely, all they have to do is do the following below:
Send your Number to the person who has iPhone or Android to help you out. Then have him/her register your number with their iPhone or Android and tell him/her the SMS you received since he/she is using your number to activate Whatsapp. After he/entering your number, he/she needs to log out by registering his/her original number. Then you need to re-register Whatsapp on your Phone and you’ll get the 10 years service on Android, BlackBerry, Symbian or Windows Phone.


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Author: Anonymous


  1. man can u help me withe the registration if i give u my number. give me link on facebook let me add u

  2. I did it and got only 2 months worth

    1. Hey, did you followed each & every step carefully?
      This is perfectly working for many guys out their. And do read the UPDATE portion very carefully.
      Still you get any fault then mention here.

  3. Hay everyone i just discover a working Whatsapp Hack, So just give it a try for yourself...

  4. I have Android mobile and i have registered my account in Whatsapp and they give only a year validation.
    I have no Iphone/Blackberry mobile to do above process.

    What will I do?